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What is Skillcord Training Management System?

Skillcord is a cloud-based training management system designed and operated by Cork based software solutions provider, Infomaxis Ltd.

Skillcord software and apps offer managed system security, privacy compliance, simple course administration, and free lifetime storage of trainee records.

Significant reductions in training costs, security issues, compliance and administrative hassles are just a few of the top-line benefits of our easy-to-use training records management system.

Add-in 24/7 worldwide access via standard laptops, PCs, iOS and Android apps, and you can clearly see the value of our training records solution for businesses large and small.

Training Records Software

Who can use Skillcord Training Records Software?

Simple, password protected access and an intuitive screen layout, makes Skillcord incredibly easy to use.

The system’s graphic Dashboard display of training key performance indicators (KPIs) is ideal for Organisation managers and decision makers With minimal training, your HR team or training

Administrators have full control of course scheduling and attendance management.

Training Providers also benefit from Skillcord’s sophisticated training course management tools. For Users, Skillcord handles free lifetime access to scanned, validated copies of training certificates and CPD records.

Training Software Promotes
Employee Engagement

How does Skillcord Training Software Promotes Employee Engagement?

Whether you’re a Small Business, a Training Provider, or a large Organisation, Skillcord will help you to cut training costs, manage quality compliance, & improve employee engagement.

Skillcord even features an easy-to-use CRM system that allows you to send training course news, vouchers and promotional offers directly to your system users!

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