Access & update your
cloud-based training course management system.

Anytime, anywhere using a laptop, PC, or our iOS/Android mobile apps.


Easy Online Access

As a trusted ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) training system provider.

ensures full compliance with current security & GDPR privacy regulations.


Managed Privacy & Security

Users engage with our seamless, paper-free training management & records system.

A simple user interface makes it easy for training administrators.

User Interface

Simple User Interface

Simply sign-in to the Skillcord's SaaS training system to view graphical key performance indicators.

KPIs for staff training, course attendance, compliance scores & other essential data..


Training Performance & Dashboard

Skillcord training software offers lifetime access with a built-in document management system.

Users enjoy free lifetime access to signature validated training certificates & records of achievement.


Free Lifetime Records & Management

Organisations & Training Providers can use Skillcord’s CRM functions.

CRM functions to deliver news, offers, vouchers & promotional material directly to system users.


CRM functions For News & Promotions

Ensure your staff are compliant with regulations and their records are up to date.

Less Cost, More Productivity
Increase your staff productivity.
Professional Development
Your one stop for all your CPD needs.
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