Information Service for Organisations

Secure Online Access

Secure online access to a shared training management system 24/7/365

Seamless Training System

Single, seamless training system – no lost files or paperwork. Dashboard display of your headline training performance data

Less Cost, More Productivity

Reduces training costs & improves your organisation’s productivity.

Meets Every Requirement

Meets internal & external compliance & regulatory requirements

Employee Engagement

Improves employee engagement – employees are in charge of their training

Affordable Subscription

Spread the cost of ownership – affordable ‘per-user’ annual subscription

Efficient Training Administration
For Training Providers

Advanced Training Administration System

Shared online access to a sophisticated training administration system.

Solves Compliance Issues

Skillcord solves your security, privacy & compliance issues

Reduced Cost

Reduced administration costs
Skillcord handles the clerical tasks

Efficient Business Forecast

More efficient business forecasting with Skillcord training data

CRM Functions

CRM functions to provide Users with news, updates & promotions

Free For Users

Training Provider pays a nominal booking fee for each course

Free lifetime Access to Training
Records for Users

Password Protected

Online, password protected access to training courses, certificates & records.

Training Record Management

Keep all your training records in one single, secure location.
Automatic reminders about your upcoming training courses

Skillcord CRM

Updates, news & promotional offers from the Skillcord CRM system.

Share your certificates

Scan your certificates into Skillcord then share them with prospective employers.

Easy to use

Easy-to-use PC/iOS/Android apps – simple & intuitive.
Fast access to course information, dates, bookings & certificates.


Simple tracking of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

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